Process makes perfect

Running a business isn’t easy. We get that. That’s why embracing a sustainable approach to your governance is such a good idea – because it can help you build a business that’s more efficient, ethical, and secure.

Want to see how sustainable your processes are already? We know just the place. 


The world is only moving in one direction – towards a more sustainable future. So why not hop on board and embrace it? After all, it can only bring your business more benefits. Introducing more sustainable practices to your business processes, like better data management and impactful policies to reduce waste and boost safety, is a great way to protect your business against change, instability, and unpredictability – and who doesn’t want a bit of consistency these days?


$12 billion

the estimated amount of money saved each year by introducing sustainable business practices*.



the percentage increase in productivity businesses have seen from sustainability initiatives†.


Up to 20%

the amount companies that embrace sustainability can reduce their operating costs by‡.

*The SustainAbility Institute, †Forbes, ‡World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

How sustainable is your business?

Take the first step towards a more sustainable future by filling out our quick and easy sustainability survey. This survey is designed to help you understand your current sustainability practices and identify areas where you can make improvements.

Why processes matter

Good processes just make good business sense – it’s that simple, really. Introducing sustainability into your day-to-day operations doesn’t just reduce your environmental and social impact, but also can help you secure that ever-important competitive advantage over your business rivals. How? By reducing costs, driving continuous improvement, and boosting your reputation. It also helps you stay ready for anything, with more resilience against changing laws, industry standards, and customer expectations.

Key areas to focus on

If you’re looking to take a more sustainable approach to your business processes, why not start by having a think about these areas? 

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    Sustainable policies and procedures

    How do you make sure it’s clear to everyone – from regulators and stakeholders to clients and employees – what your business is about? Clear policies and procedures. From waste management to data processing, strong and clearly communicated paperwork keeps everyone on the same page.

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    Work smarter with resources

    Taking a step back and engaging your employees to help spot any opportunities to cut your resource use and waste is a smart way forward. Think energy-efficient technologies, strict waste management processes, and quality or environmental management systems like ISO 9001 and 14001.

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    Managing risk

    Too many businesses get complacent when it comes to regularly reviewing and monitoring risks – and that leads to costly accidents, reputation damage, and poor employee engagement. So don’t take that risk – make sure you’re constantly assessing all your work activities and environments.

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    Measure, monitor and improve

    From energy and water use to customer feedback and employee safety, you’re massively missing a trick if you’re not continually monitoring and measuring your performance, and making improvements where needed. After all, who wants “good”, when you could be “great”?

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    Engage your business community

    Communication is key when it comes to making sustainability work. Talk to employees, customers, investors, and suppliers to get feedback, share best practices, and collaborate on sustainability initiatives. Clear communication can help build trust and make sure you keep improving.

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