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Don’t underestimate the difference you can make as a small business when it comes to sustainability. Small changes can help you protect the environment, cut costs, and boost efficiency – so both your business and the planet are set for the future.

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Despite the jargon, ESG and sustainability are about doing all you can to stop or minimise the harmful effects of your business on the environment. That means cutting energy use and waste, looking for greener alternatives, and engaging your employees with your sustainability goals. If you can use natural resources in a way that meets your needs without risking future generations being able to do the same, then you’ve got a sustainable approach to the planet. Great work.



reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from sustainable business practices*.



reduction in energy costs from sustainability initiatives†.


Up to 50%

reduction in waste from efficient recycling initiatives‡.

*Greenbiz, †The Guardian, ‡Environmental Protection Agency

How sustainable is your business?

Take the first step towards a more sustainable future by filling out our quick and easy sustainability survey. This survey is designed to help you understand your current sustainability practices and identify areas where you can make improvements.

Why the planet matters

This one is fairly self-explanatory. The more important question is why should protecting the planet matter to your business? Well, not only does it preserve our environment for the years to come. But sustainability can also improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, lower risk, give you access to more opportunities for growth (clients and investors like a green business), and make you more resilient.

Key areas to focus on

If you’re looking to go greener as a business, here are some good places to start.

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    Less waste, more reuse and recycling

    Reducing waste in all forms is so important. That’s everything from cutting paper and packaging use to reducing food waste, and can be achieved with clear policies and processes. Recycling and reusing materials can also help you boost those green credentials, as well as using greener materials.

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    Cut your carbon footprint

    The best place to start? Energy efficiency. See where you can reduce use, use more renewable sources, and make sure your employees are on the same page. Things like carbon offsetting can help, too. Get creative with it – and remember small changes are better than nothing.

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    Involve your people

    Research has shown that employees want to work for businesses that do the right thing for the environment. So engaging them with your goals can help you find smart solutions, get champions to lead the sustainability cause in your business, and improve retention and productivity.

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    Boost water efficiency

    Improving your water efficiency can help reduce water waste and save money. Think about installing water-efficient fixtures and appliances, making sure employees are actively trying to reduce water use (yes, that could mean fewer coffee breaks), and even introducing water conservation tech.

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    You may not have employees jet-setting across the world on a regular basis. But you can still be more sustainable as a small business by encouraging things like lift sharing, public transport, and raising awareness of greener transport options like electric vehicles and cycling.

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