Empower your people

Power the people who power your business. The world of business is only getting more competitive – so standing out as an employer who puts positive relationships at the heart of everything you do could be your secret to success.

Want to see how sustainable your people practices are already? We’ve got a quick and easy way to do that.


A sustainable approach to people is pretty simple, really. It’s about treating everyone fairly – from your employees and customers to your supply chain and stakeholders. It’s also about doing everything by the book and doing the right thing for your people.

That includes things like good working practices, fair pay, inclusivity and diversity, and employee wellbeing. And the benefits are well worth it – think engaged employees, a big productivity boost, stronger business relationships, and better recruitment and retention. 



is the increase in employee engagement levels when businesses put sustainability initiatives in place*.



of employees choose a place to work based on their beliefs and values aligning with their employer.†



of businesses have seen an increase in customer loyalty after introducing sustainable business processes ‡.

*Mckinsey, †Edelman ‡Greenbiz

How sustainable is your business?

Take the first step towards a more sustainable future by doing our quick and easy sustainability assessment. It’ll give you a clearer picture of how sustainable your business is right now as well as some simple tips to take good practice to great.

Why people matter

When you’re battling for business and talent, it just makes sense that putting people first is key to success. Time and time again, it’s been proven that businesses with better diversity and inclusivity and employee wellbeing outperform those that don’t. And, as a small business, being able to show that you don’t just treat your own people well, but also the people you come across as part of your work – like suppliers, clients, and contractors – is going to cement you as a business people want to work for and work with.

Key areas to focus on

If you’re looking to build a sustainable approach to your people, why not start by looking at these areas within your business? 

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    Diversity and Inclusion

    To get the best from your people and boost your reputation, you need an inclusive workplace culture that values and respects individual differences. You could achieve that through great diversity and inclusion policies, bias awareness training, and inclusive recruitment practices.

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    Employee wellbeing

    Put the physical and mental health of your employees first by offering wellbeing programmes, flexible working arrangements, and building a supportive work environment. Encouraging a good work-life balance – whatever that may look like – can help productivity and performance skyrocket.

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    Best-practice processes and procedures

    ESG and sustainability always boil down to doing things the right way, before all else. So from employee contracts and policies to people development and customer relations, having clear processes and procedures that your whole business engages with is a top priority.

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    You’re responsible for making sure your people, customers, stakeholders, and anyone else who interacts with your business is safe. So don’t cut corners. From risk assessing all your activities to investigating incidents, doing things by the book helps you save money and protect your people.

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    Learning and development

    What keeps employees motivated, boosts your business performance, and gives you a reputation as a great employer? Employee development. Whatever form it takes – from appraisals and e-learning to mentoring and skills sharing – invest in your people and you’ll reap the rewards.

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